Cortex is changing community interaction with city infrastructure, government services + business

We are introducing new in-demand digital services + transforming some of today’s public facilities; we’ve made them “smart” and available for free.

By building 20+ government services into one digital system, Cortex reduces costs by more than 50%.

Cortex is about delivering ever-smarter technology, infrastructure + information that will improve quality of life for people, the productivity of our cities, and reduce costs.

The name Cortex refers to our ‘smarts’: the unique connectivity we’ve achieved between public infrastructure, health and safety services. By integrating audio and visual announcements, maps and Wi-Fi, emergency help points and CCTV, we achieve new service levels and have more information for smarter action.

To explain by example: A Cortex defibrillator, when activated calls local Emergency Services and streams live visual, air quality, location + sound data to them to optimise emergency response.

And we don’t intrude: Cortex offers the level of connectivity anyone desires to keep in touch with family, the office and the world. We are about discrete technology that enhances life.