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What is Cortex?

Cortex is a smart and safe city device that delivers 20+ convenient public services to communities for free. Services include chilled and sparkling water, convenient charge stations for personal devices and blitzing Wi-Fi for internet access and VOIP calls for work or pleasure.

By introducing new digital services and upgrading many existing public services into a single point of presence, Cortex solves multiple problems faced by modern government, businesses and communities.

This includes cutting costs, digitising infrastructure and improving access to services that support community safety, tourism, local business and productivity.

What does Cortex do?

Cortex improves the safety, vibrancy and productivity of our urban areas by providing free and convenient access to 20+ digital and in-demand services.

It simultaneously upgrades common forms of public infrastructure that include maps, bubblers and duress systems, while it introduces new, exciting digital services such as free public phone calls, air quality monitors and streaming news and weather.

Are all Cortex Services free?

For Communities: Yes! Cortex is about delivering citizens and visitors with free, convenient access to world-leading public amenity.

What is the “Synapse”?

Cortex Synapse refers to the integration or communication between various Cortex components.

Like a smartphone with a camera, touchscreen and internet connection; Cortex componentry can be used in any combination to solve problems, or to deliver intelligent, responsive services.

An example is the combination of our Duress System, CCTV cameras, Speakers and VOIP connectivity: this allows emergency services to see and communicate with a user upon activation of our Emergency Help Point. The VOIP, Speakers and Digital Screens may be used in emergency situations to facilitate crowd control, or to support tourism programs.

Further: footage may be stitched and announcements simultaneously displayed across multiple Cortex structures – the “Cortex Net” – to maximise coverage.

What is “Cortex Net”?

Cortex Net refers to the connectivity between multiple Cortex structures or installations. This increases the geographical coverage and access to services.

Data and services across a network of installations may be stitched together to optimise service access and safety outcomes.

How can services be free?

By simply working smarter; Cortex delivers savings and income for asset owners, while servicing the public for free. Digital out-of-home media offsets the cost.

It Saves: Infrastructure implementation costs and ongoing maintenance expenses are reduced by more than 50%. Cortex does this by digitising many services and consolidating multiple infrastructure installations into a single point of presence.

It Earns: On top of the savings, digital out-of-home media opportunities offset installation, operation and maintenance costs.

Can I talk about advertising opportunities?

Yes! Out-of-home advertising specialists manage Cortex advertising accounts. Call Cortex on 1800 337 147 or contact us for further information.

Can I petition for Cortex for my community?

Yes! You can either:

  1. Send us an email or
  2. Contact your local council to register your interest in Cortex for your region, or even better:
  3. Both!

How do I become part of the project?

We’re currently engaging councils, owners of large public spaces and organisations or individuals simply keen to own a Cortex. If this is you, contact us.

Partners: We’re keen to work with the very best in Smart and Safe City infrastructure, manufacturing, technical engineering and design. Have the skills? Get in touch.

Advertisers: Want to be seen? We’ll put you in touch with your local Cortex advertising representative.

Technical Questions

If you’re keen to know the services required for installation or other technical detail, simply email your query or call us