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Improving Public Services Can Work for You in Many Ways…

Cortex is currently engaging smart investors who will share in our rapid global growth + corporations who are keen to deliver next-level public services to their communities.

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We are engaging:

Councils large and small, we invite you to partner! Contact us by phone, email, or submit a form.

Smart Individuals

Passionate about your community, and want improved public services?
Invest in Cortex!

Think of your investment as donating a park bench, with the difference being that this donation technologically benefits your community, while offering you a healthy return.

Sophisticated Investors

We know you will soon be smiling, looking back on the moment you registered your interest in becoming part of the Cortex Project.

You’ll make admirable returns and be part of one of the smartest, emerging world-firsts.


We’ve built Cortex to provide a diversity of communities with the best in health, safety and connectivity.

Do you want this for your space? We’re offering Cortex to thought-leaders that own malls, airports + other large commercial spaces.

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