Our Purpose

Make infrastructure smarter to make life better

Cortex makes public services more accessible, more effective and more cost efficient.

It’s a multi-function hub, so one Cortex replaces many ugly, outdated systems and introduces new, smart services.

We replace static signs with touchscreens, and maps with interactive wayfinding…

We’ve refreshed public bubblers with chilled and sparkling water…

We’re also introducing free, fast Wi-Fi and VOIP calls so you’re connected with your family, the office or favourite entertainment from anywhere, at any time…

+ more…

Cortex services instantly make our public outdoor spaces more productive, safer, and more liveable.

Cortex Benefits:

Active + Healthy Communities

Live in a vibrant cityscape, where communities are engaged in health and tourism programs and visitors + residents are attracted by the safest public spaces.

  • Interactive Way-finding: supports recreation, health & tourism
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED): Delivers time-critical health services
  • Public Notification Systems: Audio + visual notifications aid disaster response & recovery
  • Bubbler: Free access to chilled & sparkling water
  • Air Monitors: Real-time feeds on air quality metrics
  • Electronic Ears: Monitor noise pollution & security threats

Improved Quality of Life

Our sophisticated tech delivers better, faster, chilled and smarter digital services that are a delight to use.

We create new outdoor living spaces where users discover cultural highlights, browse local attractions and connect with family + friends.

  • Streaming News & Weather: Up to the minute feeds inform
  • A1 Safety: Digital CCTV, Air & Sound sentinels protect 24-7
  • Free Wi-Fi: Optimised broadband access to online info & entertainment
  • Charge Station: Convenient 240V + USB charge of electronic devices
  • Public Address: Deliver public notifications
  • Public Phone: Free local + international calls 24-7

Public Health + Safety

Devices integrate into one sensory unit to improve our capability to respond to crime and natural disaster; digital inputs – such as sound & air monitors & activated Emergency Help Point (EHP) or AED’s – trigger other componentry – like digital cameras – to provide vision & recording to assist emergency service crews.

  • CCTV: 24-7 surveillance optimises crime prevention, threat detection + response
  • Audio Monitors: Triggers alert CCTV or response teams
  • Emergency Help Point: Immediate public access to authorities
  • Public Notification Centre: Delivers live safety notifications
  • Synapse: Interlacing Cortex units increase security coverage

Business + Economy

Connect with colleagues anytime, from anywhere or find local businesses ‘on tap’.

  • Free Wi-Fi: Supports productivity beyond the “9-5” office
  • Digital Advertising: Promotes local businesses + government initiatives
  • Interactive Way-Finding: Supports local business + tourism programs
  • Payment System: Top up access to paid public + private services – ie. GoCard

Financial Benefits

  • Savings: Cortex also represents smarter asset management by reducing infrastructure, installation and maintenance costs required for otherwise disparate services by over 50%.
  • Makings: Cortex represents an exciting new platform for advertisers keen to leverage Australia’s emerging Out of Home (OOH) digital advertising industry worth an estimated $6.8billion and growing at 29.7% (Source: IAB/PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Report July 2016).
  • Australian Jobs: In partnership with the local government, Cortex has forecast growth that will create hundreds of Australian jobs in manufacturing, sales and support.

Smarter City Growth

  • Upgrade: Cortex facilities improve the efficiency and effectiveness of various government departments or business initiatives.
  • Decision-making data: Every touchpoint captures valuable anonymized analytical data for Governments to use in the development of smarter infrastructure planning. Visual, audio, internet and touchscreen traffic information is available to inform further smart city initiatives such as more efficient ticket and timetable-less public transport systems.